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About Us

Origin & Purpose

Green Skill Academy (GSA) is a first of its kind initiative by Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) in association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to nurture talents in India. The cornerstone of our training programs are our Directors Dr.Ravindra & Dr.Srinivas, Our Trainer & Training partners who share lessons on the road to build great country through Employment by Imparting Skills.

We target to Train 24,000 youths in the next 7 years in skills such as Renewable energy, Waste water treatment, Climate resilient cities, Green construction, Solid waste management and so on (Refer Courses). GSA has assessed the technological and human resource capabilities to address green skills training and development. GSA has the understanding of industry demand for green skills and employment potential.


“In the face of changing times when the planet is threatened with serious environmental and climate change challenges, GSA will create Green jobs and careers for a sustainable world that will reduce unemployment and poverty which are intricately related to economic progress and environmental protection”


  •  Impart quality skills to meet the needs of profession and society, and achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research.
  •  To identify Green Jobs opportunities in the market and ensure that skill sets meet the job requirements.
  •  To promote green entrepreneurship that will provide jobs to skilled workers
  •  Attract and develop talented and committed human resource
  •  Provide a sustainable environment conducive to innovation, creativity, team-spirit and entrepreneurial leadership.
  •  Facilitate effective interactions among faculty and students, and foster networking with alumni, industries, institutions and other stake-holders.
  •  Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics, transparency and accountability through the creation of green careers.

Our Goals

  •  Mobilize, train and retain a diverse faculty, academic and classified staff and student populations.
  •  Create Green Careers through Placement Assistance & Entrepreneurship Programs
  •  Increase scholarship and research productivity and their impact.
  •  Develop infrastructure and support, including innovative technology, for training, research, teaching, service and partnerships.
  •  Develop and maintain model collaborative ventures and partnerships.
  •  Maintain and continue to improve a climate of respect and human dignity.
  •  Model quality training and mentoring for all students.

Our Training Approach

Fresh Skilling

  •  The courses will be planned to impart training to those who are new to the sector.
  •  The course will aim to build a solid foundation in the topic.
  •  This is usually targeted towards getting the trainees into the green sector job market.


  • The courses will be designed to deliver skills and techniques to adapt their existing proficiency in the greener economy.


  •  The Courses also aim to elevate trainees (that already have adequate knowledge of the topic) to a higher proficiency level

Training Methodology

  •  GSA aims to deliver high quality programs that will help our trainees to fulfill career aspirations, improve their job prospects or to simply learn more about a particular area of interest in the Green Sector.
  •  We aim to keep all our courses competent, concise, to the point, very practical and accommodating to the needs of all our trainees.

All our training programs would include

  • An approved and comprehensive Curriculum
  • Course Handbook
  • Classroom Presentations and Lectures
  • Video Capsules and Case Studies
  • Group Interactions and Exercises
  • Field trips and Seminars
  • Professional Third Party Assessments
  • Certificates from GSA & NSDC
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