Our Managing Committee

Dr Srinivas Ravindra

Dr Srinivas Ravindra is the Chairman and founder of Green Skills Academy and is the Executive Director of Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD). Dr. Srinivas has fourteen years of experience in the field of green skills, sustainable development and other related areas.

Dr Somanath

Dr Somanath has a PhD in Corporate Finance and EEP from Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru. He is currently the Director, Consulting and Senior Professor of Management in a top Business School. He mentors business innovations, incubators, startup challenges and SMEs including crowd funding and private equity. He has written books in Finance and Management in the areas of Microfinance, Stock and Commodity Market, and Micro Clusters. His core areas of interest area financial analytics, Supply Chain Finance and Block Chain finance.

Mr. Lohit Jagadeesha

Mr. Lohit Jagadeesha is a chartered accountant by training and profession. He is also the founder and trustee of Lohit's Academy College of Commerce, affiliated to Bangalore University and recognised by the Government of Karnataka that offers degree in B.Com and BBA with a focus on Chartered Accountancy.

Mr Mahesh Kashyap

Mr Mahesh Kashyap works as a consultant to several private and government organizations in the fields of environmental protection, smart cities, health, and transportation. He worked as a Senior Engineer with the Department of Environment, Government of Canada.

Mr Vasudevan Kadalayil

Mr Vasudevan Kadalayil is the Director and Principal Architect for Ecumene Habitat Solutions Pvt Ltd. His expertise lies in designing Hotels, Convention Centres, Sustainable Affordable Housing, Residential Real Estate, Schools, Industries and Private Homes. He is a pioneer in Green Buildings and has been instrumental in the creation of Green Building Codes for Colombia & Indonesia through the World Bank.

Mr Ashok Rajashekhar

Mr Ashok Rajashekhar is a works manager with Social Engineers Pvt. Ltd. in their renewable energy division. In his spare time, he volunteers to bring awareness of solar energy.