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To prepare aspiring as well as existing entrepreneurs who want to establish / setup green business in the areas of renewable energy, organic food, waste, water etc through proper and guided training in entrepreneurial skills.

Curriculum Applied by NSDC Certification

Course Purpose

Basic Entrepreneurial skills - Essential elements in setting up a business, how to choose the right type of business, SWOT analysis for sector selection, Basic financial and marketing skills required.(3 days * 8 hrs = 24 hrs)

Electives - Waste to energy; Solar Roof Top; Sewage Treatment Plant; Eco-friendly Retail, Eco-friendly Beauty Salon; Landscaping and Green Finance. (6 days *6 hrs = 36 hrs)

Lab work and Project - Based on the elective the trainee will get hands on experience by working on a live project. During the course they will be put in a lab to get the practical feel of the tools that are required for the project.(1 month)

Internship - After successful completion of the above 3 sections, the trainee will be placed as intern in a relevant organization to get an on the job experience. (2 months)

Training Outcomes

Understand the trends in green businesses and clean technology and evaluate the entrepreneurial opportunities

Learn key elements of writing a concise plan for opportunity validation and understand the technique to deliver an affective “Elevator pitch”

Explore the core elements of entrepreneurial process in the context of green businesses

Gain a basic understanding of the issues of debt and equity funding including angel, seed and venture capital

Get to meet successful entrepreneurs, connect with financing institutions and network with your peers.

Course Duration

44 Hours


Third Party Assessment –Written & Project presentation


Approved by National Skill Development Corporation

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